Cara Shardlow – Training hard

September hasn’t been a very quiet month for competing but its been lovely to just focus on training.

Detonator has the Inter II pet plan 2nd rounds in October so we have really been trying to get the one time changes nailed!! We have had some training sessions with Becky Moody and I really feel we are starting to get to the bottom of what I need to do to get them more secure and it’s working. His piaffe is getting much stronger now and more importantly I’m understanding it more as well. Starting to feel like Grand Prix could actually be possible, who knows maybe next year??! He also has Vale View high profile show in October.

Sandonista’s has been learning his flying changes and I’m now not getting launched into orbit doing them!! I hope to get him out to his first advanced medium fairly soon.

There has been sad news about Mario Lanza though, he has had a mixed year and I thought I’d better get him looked at by the vets. Unfortunately he has strained his hind suspensory ligaments and will no longer be able to do the level I was hoping for. He was operated on this week and it’s all gone well, once he has fully recovered I will be looking for a new home for him to do lower levels, I’m totally gutted.

My 4 yr old Tango has been going very well and just did a little intro class behaving very well, unfortunately I forgot the test, very shameful considering I never have a problem remembering the harder tests!! Tango is a massive fan of Horslyx and has a big white face which is now mostly brown and covered in it!!