Cara Shardlow – Time for Regionals

So it was a busy run up to the regionals with all three horses with training sessions and competitions.

Mario and Sandonista both had a trip to Snainton pre regionals and Port Royal, Sando winning all three classes he was in and got himself a write up in Horse and Hound so very pleased with him he is becoming very consistent.

So the regionals were held at Port Royal again, Detonator was on the first day and after a change of bits really was feeling much better and more confident. The competition was incredibly hot in all my classes but my trainer was in both of Detonators and with only the winner qualifying it was very hard. The PSG was first and just two small mistakes gave us over 66% and 4th place which I was really pleased with.

The Inter 1 came next and it felt like the best test we had done all year mistake free as well, I was over the moon to get over 67% and 2nd behind my trainer Becky Moody, more than anything it really felt like I had my horse back after struggling with little problems all year.

The nest day I had Sandonista in the Elem gold, another hot class with last years winner, Mount St John horses to mention a few, he did a really lovely test and no mistakes I was so proud of him and just under 69% gaining 8th, which doesn’t seem that good but to be up with some of the best horses in the country I was very pleased!!

It was Marios first summer regionals doing novice gold, he warmed up really relaxed and the test started really well until he kicked some sand onto the plastic boards and that was it total melt down! He does struggle with his confidence but I’m sure he will come, I just have to remember what Detonator used to be like!!


No golden nationals tickets but they are becoming herder to get, one day I will go but it just eludes me at the moment.

So my next mission was to try and get Detonator qualified to compete at Inter 2 level for the Petplan regionals. Neither of us have done this before and there is only a month to get the qualifications so off to Manor Grange we went to do our first one.

I am usually very prepared but unfortunately I managed to learn an out of date test!!! Slight panic as I went wrong twice and had no idea why, they let me do my PSG and come back in so I had half an hour to learn the test, not ideal!!!

Anyway we did it, far from perfect but got over the qualifying score we needed so I was thrilled!! It was quite a mile stone really and very exciting, I need one more score so fingers crossed I’ll get it. He got just under 69% in his PSG a PB this year.

Sandonista also did the Medium gaining a PB just under 70% and finishing his winter qualification and getting a qualifying score in the Elem music winning both. He will now work towards doing some adv med tests.

They are all enjoying their lovely new licks that have arrived and wearing the new kick, thank you Horslyx!!!