Cara Shardlow – The year ahead

What a great start to 2018 I’m a HORSLYX ambassador for another year!!!
I’m just so so pleased to have your support again it’s been brilliant for the last 3 years working together and the Horses just love their licks and look and feel fantastic!!!

I’m so excited about the year ahead I’ll have 3/4 Horses out competing.

Detonator been my top ride, having competed for Great Britain the last two years at small tour level I’m hoping we will be selected at least once this year. Now he is competing at Inter 2 we are in reaching distance of the next level Grand Prix and all being well I hope to do mine and his first one this year, a dream come true!!!
He will contest the regionals and Premier leagues as well, hoping to get some good consistent scores, he feels so much better than he did last year.

Sandonista has strengthened up a lot over winter and will be 8 this year, he did his first adv med at the end of last year with a great score, once regionals are done in February he will be cracking on with those, I would love to think he will do and advanced and maybe a PSG by the end of the year. I hope to take him to a few premier leagues this year as well.

Mario Lanza sadly had to have an operation last September and we did think he would only come back at the lower levels, but having just been checked by the vets he has done very well, better than expected so he will come back into work next week and be gradually built up and see how he goes, I’m keeping everything crossed for him!!!

I have a rising 5 yr old for sale as well Tango who I will be out competing as well at novice level. He is just such a lovely person I’m reluctant to sell him!

Detonator and Sando did have a trip to Northallerton early Jan and were both brilliant, Sando having a win at medium level, Detonator did a good Inter 2 but I now need to get used to riding through a test at that level, so lots of practice now!!

The winter regionals are next week, Sando is doing Elementary freestyle and Medium, Detonator PSG and Inter 1. They have been training well, we were away at Becky Moodys the last two days to get some fine running so fingers crossed the behave!