Breeding & Youngstock

If you want to start your future horse or pony off on the right foot the diet is the most important place to start.

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Correct nutrition is absolutely fundamental in preparation before the mare is sent to stud, and afterwards while pregnant and for the lactating mare and the growing foal. Horslyx is the ideal method of providing extra nutritional value in the diet of broodmares and youngstock. The comprehensive lick supplements the diet with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants supporting health and enhancing the immune system. In addition Horslyx provides the correct calcium: phosphorus ratio and good quality protein which is essential for healthy, efficient growth. While all horses may benefit from the vitamin, mineral and trace elements which Horslyx provides, native and warmblood breeding stock may do particularly well only on Horslyx plus forage, as their nutrient requirements are easily met, meaning excess calories are not provided which avoids unwanted excess weight gain.

Horslyx is perfectly practical for mares, stallions, foals and youngstock whether they are stabled or enjoying 24/7 turnout and saves the hassle of providing concentrate feed whilst they are at pasture. Horslyx is designed to be licked and not chewed and the dense, solid formula is waterproof and windproof, providing an easy to access trickle feed system in the field or stable, which eliminates the risk of foals being pushed away from hard feed and not receiving the nutrients they need.

Providing free access to Horslyx can help the broodmare, stallion, foal and youngster to correct the nutrient deficiencies typically seen in modern day forage and grazing, by supplying ingredients such as magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and vitamin E. The nutrients provided in Horslyx are essential for fertility, healthy growth and development and also help to maintain a strong immune system to help withstand disease challenges.