Bonnie Fishburn – I hate mud!

Having had a quiet November with the horses, it was full steam ahead again come December.

I have Percy, Frankie, Florence, Elfie and Arrow all back in work. Because they have all had holidays or babies in Florence’s case, they are all getting picked up from scratch which involves plenty of hacking and a little bit of schooling. They were all super to get back on, even Florence who hadn’t been ridden for 13 months because of having Nancy and Arrow who was only broke in the spring. I’m not saying there haven’t been a few “eeeeeekk moments” but all of those have been in good humour!!!

I’m hoping to start getting them out mid January to dressage, show jumping and arena eventing competitions. I need to really sit down and figure out what the plan is with each of them. Things are going to be a little different this year because I’m going to have baby Harriet in tow!!!! Not sure quite how that’s going to work but hopefully Granny Fishburn is going to have plenty of free time to come along and play babysitter!!!
Harriet has actually started riding now, after Santa bought her a basket saddle for Mr Pegs for Christmas. So at only 4 months old she is having tiny little hacks. She seems to love the movement and Mr Pegs has been such a good boy.

Oh and what about that snow!!! Its been a while since we had snow like we did mid December. The horses were delighted to be allowed to head out in to the fields for a play. And they were all very well behaved to be worked on the arena in it. It is lovely to have the snow for a day or two but glad to see the back of it now and would really like the rain to move on now. I HATE mud!!!