Amy Smith – HOYS results

We all wish for the season to arrive and before we know it, it’s been and gone!!!

Hoys 2016 was a great show for us. Not the best results wise but so satisfying seeing how well the novices coped in there knowing one day they will have their time to shine.

My own Pedro (LABURNUM RICHARD) always pulls it out the bag when I need him to. He produced a fantastic clear which gained him his very first 20/20 for style marks!!! We finished on a final score of 93/100 with the winner being on 94/100 so we were nearly there and finished in second place which was a great result. Coming second means we also got to have a fantastic ride in the International Arena for the championship something which is always special.

After HOYS we were then crazy enough to go Arena UK the week after to the BSPS Heritage Champs. I only took two over the weekend, both having a win and a champion! Awesome ponies.

Lastly I would like to say a massive thank you to all our friends and Horslyx over the season, their support has been fantastic and the ponies have loved being given their Balancers.