10 things to do with your horse over the Christmas period

If you’ve got some time off work, school or college coming up, you’re going to want to make the most of it… And we all know the best place for time off – the stables! We’ve put together some ideas for different equestrian activities to keep you, and your equine, occupied this Christmas break.

1. Need some last minute Christmas cards? Then make them! A festive photo of you and your equine makes a more personal greeting than commercial cards, and will bring a smile to friends and family when they see it’s you!

2. If you’ve got a frosty scene or even snow, then make the most of it! For many of us in the UK, snow is a bit of a novelty, so it’s great chance to get dressed up (both you and your four legged friend!) and grab some fun pictures that would bag you a prize in a competition (see our Facebook page!) and even provide some great content for a personalised 2016 calendar.

3. A great way to stay warm in winter is to keep moving. You could celebrate the season with a Christmas-themed gymkhana where you ride. You only need one other person (and horse!) and you’ve got yourself a competition! Of course, the more the merrier, so get your stable mates involved and let the good times roll.

xmas pud4. If the weather isn’t cooperating, use the time to practice your grooming and plaiting techniques ready for 2016’s competition season. Get your grooming kit out and take the time to master techniques you’re a little rusty on – practice makes perfect, after all! A great by-product of this is that you’ll end up with a gleaming horse, who has loved the therapeutic brushing and attention!

5. We all spend lots of time indoors on and around Christmas, so join an organised Christmas ride in your local area. Failing that, organise your own! It could just be you and a friend heading out on Christmas Eve, or a big group on Boxing day, but the fresh air will feel fantastic, and you’ll love being with your horse at a special time of the year.

6. If you’re a creative type you could go all out and decorate the outside of your horse’s ‘house’. A sparkling stable will bring cheer to any yard! Just be careful to keep any decorations out of ‘mouths reach’!

7. We often have a few more tasty treats ourselves at Christmastime, so it’s only right we should let our horses partake too! Treats like carrots, apples, and of course a tasty Horslyx will make your horse’s Christmas dream come true! A brand new Horslyx in a Holder would make the perfect gift this year, so treat your horse and enjoy spoiling him.

8. If it is too cold for any sort of workout, go back to the basics. Teach your horse to follow your body language instead of the lead rope, solidify trailer loading confidence, or even learn some new tricks, such as bowing. Mini Horslyx is the perfect assistant for this as it offers a constant form of encouragement rather than treats which can be eaten in one go!

9. There are some great exercises you can do to reinforce basic commands. Teaching your horse to move away from pressure – on his sides and poll – will always be needed. Also, small but gentle lessons like yielding to the bit, picking up his feet and learning verbal commands are cornerstones that make day to day life with your equine easier, and your relationship more solid.xmas

10. Ok, so this last one is more fun for you, initially, but late December and early January are the perfect times for a bit of bargain hunting! You could find that bright rug you’ve been coveting, or bag those boots that were just above budget at full price!


We would like to wish all our Horslyx customers a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2016!