Ailsa_MacTaggart_thumb“I own The Mighty Imp, a seven year old gelding who has been successful at both Riding Club level and with British Eventing.

He’s a difficult horse to feed as he loses weight easily, but needs to keep his energy levels up, so he costs me a small fortune in haylage! I use the Respiratory Horslyx in his stable and he goes mad for it. Only thing is, given how white he is (see pic), he loves to get covered in his favourite brown sticky treat! I always seem to be going around armed with a wet sponge! Horslyx products are just brilliant. My favourite use for them is using the Mini Horslyx when coping with a stressful situation (my vet has since take on the idea!). We had a horse that needed extensive treatment on injured hind legs and the only way we could get him to stand still was using a Mini Horslyx to keep him distracted. Really did work a treat! I’ve also used them for when I’m teaching youngsters to pick their feet up. They soon learn to pick them up swiftly if they know they’re going to get a go at the Mini Horslyx! And I always keep a couple in my tack locker of the lorry in case I have a difficult loader.”

“The Mighty Imp was second this year in the British Riding Club Area 1 Intermediate Horse Trials, which was fantastic given it was his first time ever competing at this level. As well as countless placings at riding club level in dressage and show-jumping, he’s had a successful British Eventing season, coming 2nd in the 3-day event class at Burgie International in June, being the best placed local horse at BE Hendersyde in August and finishing the eventing season at Wee Burgie with 2nd place and a dressage score of 29.5. I’ve been so pleased with his success that I’ve literally just registered him with British Dressage and hope we can continue our success in this new field!”



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