I have had a very busy Christmas and new year, with my beautiful new horse “Casbar” arriving a few days before Christmas, a rather amazing present! It has been very exiting getting going with her and I can’t wait for this season.

On the other hand my pony of a lifetime, Owen, left a few weeks ago for his new home in Co. Meath Ireland. It was horrible saying goodbye, especially after nearly 5 years together but I am so proud of how much he developed and how hard he tried for me all the time and he has given me the best memories I could possibly have. I can’t wait to see him teach his new rider everything we learnt together.

We have been doing lots of training and put this into practise at BD yesterday at Burrows court, I had Millie and Casbar (the matching grey mares) who both were rather happy to be out but performed really well. Millie is a totally new horse recently – who is so much more relaxed and happy and this showed in our two tests where we scored 66 and 71% gaining an overall 2nd by just 1%. I was testing buttons a bit with Casbar, and although shes not a proper baby, she is still a bit weak and a bit green at times so we had a few learning moments but our second test was very encouraging and I’m now very excited for half term, where I have a few competitions and lots of clinics planned with them both.

I am so excited for 2018 with team Horslyx and the horses are even more excited for their new treats!


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