I can safely say that July has been my quietist July ever!!! There is quite a good explanation for this and that is the 7 month old bump that I’m carrying around with me. Yes it’s not only Florence that is hearing the tiny pitter patter of baby feet this year. I am expecting my first child in September.

A rather nerve wracking thought when I am quite possibly the least maternal person ever unless it has four legs and a long tail!!! I just hope I can pull it off as well as Florence has.

So the horses are all having a bit of quiet time now. I am still riding Frankie and Percy but not competing or jumping anymore. I do hope that as long as everything goes ok I shouldn’t miss out for too long. The first 7 ½ months have flown by, maybe something to do with me keeping it a secret for so long. I’m sure the horses won’t mind a summer break as much as I think they will and hopefully they can do more through the winter to help me get my eye back in. Roll on October!!!



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