We all love our horses and want to do our best for them and for them to be in tip top health their digestive system must be supported and healthy.  If their digestive system is struggling, their coat is unlikely to gleam, their hooves can be in poor condition and weight loss, loose droppings and problems as wide ranging as laminitis, gastric ulcers and even colic can become a concern.  Winter is often when horses can start to look poor and need a little extra help and Horslyx Pro Digest supports your equine from the stomach to the hindgut so that you can stop worrying, and start having fun!  

Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer, supports a healthy digestive system

Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer contains a combination of ingredients to support the digestive system from the stomach to the hindgut whilst licking enhances saliva production which helps buffer stomach acidity. Slippery Elm and Seaweed Meal are included as a source of mucilage while a prebiotic supports beneficial gut bacteria and a live probiotic yeast helps provide a buffering action in the hindgut.

With increased magnesium levels and a low starch content Pro Digest Balancer is suitable for any horse but is especially aimed at those prone to digestive upsets.

A spiced apple flavouring is included to tempt fussy feeders and the high specification Horslyx Balancer package includes the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing.

Licking also takes time and patience which is perfect for horses that are stabled for long periods of time in winter and can help reduce stress and boredom, plus the specific Pro Digest ingredients helps support that essential gut health.

We would like to offer a 15kg Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer, 15kg Horslyx Holder, Horslyx Polo Shirt and Horslyx Saddlecloth to one lucky person. To enter simply state what flavour is contained in Horslyx Pro Digest Balancer?

Entries close at midnight on 31st December 2021.

Good luck! Terms & Conditions apply. Open to UK and ROI residents only. The judges decision is final. There will be no cash alternative. Horslyx reserves the right to amend the details of this competition at any time. Employees of Caltech are not eligible for entry. Entries close at 11.59pm 31/12/2021.