Horslyx offers the horse a natural ‘trickle feed’ nutrient supply, while balancing the deficiencies often found in grazing and forage. When first introducing Horslyx it may be necessary to monitor your horse’s consumption rate. If left with unlimited access some horses may consume higher than the recommended target intakes.

To achieve optimum, cost-effective benefit from your Horslyx we recommend you introduce it gradually into your horse’s diet.

Once your horse has accepted Horslyx as part of its daily routine, free access can be allowed and the majority of horses will enjoy Horslyx as and when they need it.

Size of Animal Target intakes 11kg will last approx.
 Pony 661lbs  7oz per day  25 days
 Horse 1102lbs  9oz per day  20 days
 Large Horse 1543lbs  11oz per day  17 days

Horslyx is designed to be fed with forage alone (grass/hay/haylage), but for horses with a higher energy requirement it can be used alongside cereal feeds and high calorie fibre feeds.

Intakes may vary due to workload, size of animal, quality and quantity of forage and other feed fed.

How to feed Horslyx

In order to make the most of feeding Horslyx we recommend the following feeding methods…

  • 33lbs Horslyx is designed to be used with the 33lbs Horslyx Holder.
  • 11lbs Horslyx is designed to be used with the 11lbs Horslyx Holder.
  • 23oz Mini Horslyx is designed to be fed from the hand.

Always offer Horslyx at a minimum of two tubs when there is more than one horse to avoid bullying


  • Suitable for all horse and ponies regardless of age, breed and workload.
  • Suitability for laminitics when introduced correctly.
  • Remember if a horse or pony is on restricted rations of forage we recommend restricted access to Horslyx to avoid over-consumption. For more information on feeding the laminitic horse or pony visit our ‘How to manage laminitis’ section.
  • Feeding Horslyx should have little or no effect on your horse’s energy levels providing recommended target intakes are followed.


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