Planning an autumn adventure?

It’s that time of year when riding in a different location can be absolutely magical. The autumn colours transform the countryside, and being able to travel whether to compete or simply for pleasure can really help break up the long winter season. However, an autumn adventure can soon turn sour if you’re faced with a tricky loader!

We’ve put together our top tips for a smooth loading and travelling experience with your equine…


  • Practice. Set aside plenty of time and don’t rush, especially in the case of inexperienced horses or those that have a previous issue. If your horse is nervous and becomes stressed when loading, provide a calm, positive environment and make sure you keep your own stress levels to a minimum.
  • Safety first. Make sure your horse is protected with relevant boots/bandages, rugs and a poll guard. The flooring of your trailer or lorry should be in good condition with no sharp edges around the travelling space. In addition, ensure you are fully protected when loading, by wearing suitable boots, gloves and a hard hat. The last thing you need is an injury to deal with during what can already be a testing experience!
  • Set the tone. In order to load your horse successfully, remember that horses are sensitive to our moods. Stress and frustration are natural emotions to experience but it is important to maintain a calm, positive attitude to get the best response.
  •  Light and space. If your horse is a reluctant loader try opening your jockey door or the door into the living space to increase light. A bright and airy space will encourage loading, as horses often avoid walking into dark spaces. If your horse is large, make sure he has room to move about – possibly even removing the partition for more space.

autumn adventure2

  • Entice your equine! Bribery can be incredibly effective in this kind of situation. Mini Horslyx is ideal and can persuade your equine to take those all-important steps up the ramp. Unlike carrots or treats they are unable to take the reward in one go – and it will not run out at a crucial moment!
  •  Positivity. Don’t forget to reward and praise your horse for any advancement they make and be prepared to practice. Repeating the process and providing a Mini Horslyx reward will gradually build towards positive association.

Mini Horslyx is a useful tool to keep in the lorry and at the yard for assistance during loading and other stressful times such as veterinary treatment. The hand held tub keeps your horse focused on licking whilst providing a healthy treat packed full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. Mini Horslyx is available in Original, Respiratory, Garlic and Mint formulations.

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