Amy Smith Laburnam Richard winning at HOYS


If you enjoy competing and training your horse to a high level and have hopes of them becoming the next Valegro or Lenamore they will be classed as a performance horse.

The equine performance horse is an athlete, requiring optimum care and nutrition in order to perform and succeed in a wide range of disciplines including such as Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Showing, Polo, Endurance and Driving. Horslyx Balancers can enhance the diet of the competing horse by providing essential nutrients such as good quality proteins plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements to be fed alongside their forage and concentrate feed ration. Containing a high specification of nutrient rich ingredients, plus being low in starch, think of your Horslyx Balancer as the equivalent to a human multi-vitamin supplement as the comprehensive lick balances the diet with essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the addition of a healthy hoof care package which includes Biotin, Zinc, and Methionine.

Licking takes time and patience, which is perfect for horses that are stabled for long periods of time and can help reduce stress and boredom, and since competition horses often spend a high proportion of their time stabled or travelling Horslyx Balancers and Mini Horslyx offer the perfect boredom breaker, keeping our equines happy and content whether stabled at home or at events. As Horslyx Balancers are formulated in a dense, solid lick it ensures our equines trickle feed the additional nutrients they require slowly, allowing optimum digestion and absorption. This design slows down the rate of consumption, complements the natural digestive system of the horse and helps to keep your horse occupied and engaged, minimising stress and boredom levels, particularly when stabled at various different events. This system also averts the quick ‘fix’ you often have with just a bucket of feed. Mini Horslyx are also perfect at shows for rewards or performing some stretching exercises to help with suppleness and avoid stiffening up.

Horslyx Balancers are extremely palatable, which can be extremely useful when our horses become stressed, reducing their appetites or causing them to become fussy feeders. The high oil content of the product supports a healthy skin and a glossy, shiny coat, perfect for that competition gleam.