Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony

In February 2019 Horslyx launched a new product, Pro Digest Balancer and in the run up to the launch we decided that we would include prize tickets in the first 5 tonnes manufactured of the 5kg product.

But what could the prizes be?   Fiona (General Manager) and Gillian (Brand Manager) put their heads together and decided amongst others to have some soft toys.  Their initial thoughts were the in vogue Unicorns.

Fiona, very much an eventing enthusiast, knew of the Hannah Francis Willberry Wonder Pony Charity.  So, the question was asked, could we purchase Berry ponies and could they have Pro Digest Pink Scarves?

Thankfully the answer was yes, and the devoted members of the charity knitted the Pro Digest scarves and the 50 Berry ponies made their way to Horslyx head office in Silloth, Cumbria.

So why did we choose this wonderful charity, we feel that this quote from their website says it all.

“There was a huge groundswell of support for Hannah and Willberry as they told their story – and found that it became an opportunity to help other people learn about living with the awful disease, so all efforts turned towards setting up a formal charity, now known as Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity. The charity was finally registered on 29 March 2016, number 1166416.

The charity aims to support vital research into osteosarcoma and to grant equine related wishes to seriously ill people and their families

The charity is still young and we’re feeling our way. But the support from the equestrian community and others, in the UK and worldwide has been incredible. Whether it be from holding cake sales, climbing mountains, racing man v horse across Snowdonia or partying the night away at Willberry events – supporters never seem to tire.

We are also extremely proud that Ben Hobday (#yehboi, #v8supercob) has agreed to be Patron of the charity. Ben’s own horrific experience with cancer meant that he and Hannah shared a true understanding of the importance in making the need to beat cancer well and truly known by all. We are so grateful to him for agreeing to do so”

The charity were also kind enough to give us this fantastic note for our product launch  press release.

“Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity is delighted to hear that Horslyx has chosen 50 Berry ponies as prizes for those lucky winners with special tickets in the newly-launched Horslyx™ Pro Digest Balancer.  Willberry himself is particularly pleased to hear that these special ponies will all soon have treasured homes and we look forward to hearing all about them and their new owners.  Please remember to register your ponies at https://www.willberrywonderpony.org/pages/register-your-wonder-pony in order to get your own, personalised passport.  As we all know, every pony needs a passport.

To find out more about Hannah’s amazing charity, and to help us fulfil her inspirational legacy, please go to https://www.willberrywonderpony.org.

With lots of love from Willberry and his team.”