Ebony Horse Club

The Ebony Horse Club Charity, Brixton, is located in one of the most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods in the country, tucked away between railway lines and tower blocks, children are taught life skills, confidence levels are buoyed, and opportunities are provided that they could once only have dreamt of.

Ebony believe in the transformative power of horses, with many of the devoted hard-working team were lucky to have grown up around horses.  Ebony provides the children with the opportunity to gain new experiences outside of what would be their norm; helping them to break away from the cycle of underachievement in school, teenage pregnancy, gang violence and drug related crime, which is commonplace in the Brixton area.

We can all benefit from the life-changing influence that horses can bring. Ebony brings this benefit to the most unlikely of areas, enabling the children to realise their potential and raise their aspirations. Some individuals who have been mentored at Ebony have gone on to further education and even horse related careers, reflecting the aforementioned raised aspirations.

Ebony and the outcome of the work is epitomised by Lynden, 14, who is a member; “Ebony Horse Club pushes me to be more and gives me time and space to let go of what’s happening in the outside world.” In a city that is facing increases in violent crime, there can be little more inspiring than a charity working to provide these young people with “time and space”, in an oasis from the violent reality of inner-city London at present.

Horslyx are very proud to support Ebony Horse Club; taking our market leading product,  produced in Cumbria to inner-city Brixton.  The horses and ponies are fed the 15kg Horslyx in their turnout areas to ensure they receive a fully balance diet as due to location grazing is very limited.  They have 5kg Horslyx in their stables which is fed alongside their bucket feed.  The team also use our mini’s as a distraction during shoeing and for stretching during equine physio and the children use them as a reward or a treat.

We would just like to say to the trustees, team and members of Ebony Horse Club you are an oasis in  inner-city London, truly inspirational and the club is a credit to each and everyone one of you.

To find out more about the Ebony Horse Club visit www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk.