Have you ever wondered how feed blocks and mineral licks are made?

There are three main methods used to manufacture feeds blocks and mineral licks; these are pressed, chemically hardened and cooking/dehydration.

Pressed – The ingredients and binders are blended and pressed into the finished block. These are the traditional, brick shaped, salt licks.

Chemically Hardened – Chemical hardening agents are added to a liquid, this produces an exothermic reaction causing the finished product to become hard and brittle – these are not normally weatherproof and also palatability can be a problem due to the smell (ammonia/fishy smell).

Cooking/dehydration – This unique patented process is exclusive to Horslyx and contains no chemical binders, fillers or hardeners. This method involves cooking and dehydrating the base ingredients molasses and oil, crystallizing the sugar. As the mixture cools the vitamin, mineral and trace element package is added, along with good quality proteins (and the extra ingredients for Respiratory, Mobility and Garlic Horslyx).

When the product fully cools down and it sets and becomes hard, this process is very similar to making Treacle Toffee at home! Horslyx (Caltech) are the only company in Europe who are able to produce licks using this unique process.

The benefits of this unique cooking/dehydration process are…

  • No chemical hardeners, No unwanted fillers or binders, No artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings!
  • Very low moisture content (buying product not water) – some chemically hardened licks can be over 20% water! Horslyx is less than 5% (so you are buying product not water!)
  • Weatherproof – all products can be used outside
  • The lick will soften at the horse’s body temperature, ensuring that Horslyx is easily broken down in the gut and readily digested, thus safeguarding against the possibility of undigested matter blocking the digestive tract and causing colic.

So next time you are looking at feed blocks and mineral licks remember… Not all licks are the same!