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How you could use Horslyx Mint Balancer…

Harry is an 18 year old, Welsh Section B and is kept busy doing Pony Club activities, hacking and local shows. He lives out all year round and will put on weight easily if allowed, so doesn’t really need the calories of a hard feed, so restricted access to his favourite Horslyx Mint Balancer provides him all the vitamins and minerals he needs to keep in tip top condition. He accesses his Horslyx Mint Balancer daily while in the stable for grooming and tacking up. A 5kg tub of Horslyx Mint Balancer lasts Harry approximately 25 days and helps his owners ensure he receives a balance of vitamins and minerals to maintain condition, without surplus calories.

Charlie is a 15.1hh 9 year old Thoroughbred ex-racehorse who is turned out as much as possible, but stabled when required. He isn’t overly interested in food, so anything which tempts him to eat is useful.  With the introduction of Horslyx Mint Balancer he can access the lick throughout the day, keeping his diet fully balanced ensuring his diet is fully balanced. He also has ad-lib haylage, alongside a morning and evening feed consisting of a flavoured Chopped Fibre Feed plus High Fibre Cubes. His 15kg Horslyx Mint Balancer lasts him around 60 days.



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