Where do I begin?

Well first, my job; I am the General Manager at Horslyx, which means I am responsible for managing the Horslyx business and managing the team for the National and International business operations. I report directly to the Wyn Morris who is our Managing Director. That’s the serious “stuff” dealt with.

Then there is me, this feels rather like blind date. “So, number one; what is your name and where do you come from?”. I am wife to the long-suffering James; Mother to Christopher (25) William (23) and Suzannah (21). Being a Mother is the best and hardest job you will ever do but now the children are older I can concentrate on “ME” and get my career back to where it was before they came along.

A total horse addict, horses are a piece of life which I just couldn’t be without and I feel they are the greatest therapy and leveller. I am the sad type who rather likes mucking out, not that you would ever find me cleaning my own house, but mucking out a stable, why not? This gives me time to think, talk to the horses, sing (badly and I may add usually out of tune) to the radio and generally chill.

Horses are very much a Nellis family affair, my in laws have had race horses and are now enjoying success with their point to pointers. My husband James doesn’t ride but he’s very hands on when I am away with work and is chief groom in my absence. I could not manage my career and the horses without his continued support, so thank you hubby.

I would have loved for both Christopher and William to ride, but Christopher bless him wanted to but just couldn’t stay on and after several tumbles gave it up, while William preferred a different type of horsepower which involved an engine. He enjoys his point to pointing but this is usually from the side lines with a beer in one hand and a betting slip in the other.

Suzannah however, has been a rider since the age of 3 and I was told very early doors by Alison Brown, from Friars Hill Stables, that it was going to be costly. (After 3 lessons, Suzannah could do rising trot.)  It may have been costly, but Suzannah and I have shared many happy times together riding and competing.

We started with a little Welsh Section A called Blue, a cheeky little chap who on a regular basis would drop his shoulder, and out of the side door Suzannah would go. However, to this day I credit that naughty little pony for making Suzannah the rider and determined young lady she is today.  Sadly, as Suzannah grew, ponies had to be sold and a new one would come along. We loved each and everyone one of them, and there were always lots of tears from both Mummy and Daughter whenever a pony was sold.  My favourite quote which stays with me is, “Mummy you are lucky you will never grow out of your favourite pony”.

The current members of the Nellis equine family are Rainstown Rocket aka Boris, who was named after a certain politician due to his out of control mane, Dakar aka Zak, the unruly but talented 5-year-old Selle Francais whom we are slowly producing and this year is starting his British Eventing career, and our beloved Dunronan (Duster) who is a 14.3 Connemara cross, 19 years young and is the one who I adore the most (just don’t tell the other two!).  Duster was sold when Suzannah outgrew him, but then we bought him back as we just loved him so much and is currently out on loan to the chair of our riding club, Pauline. I would have Duster in the house if I could, he is just the best!

It’s always said if there are four hooves, there are usually four paws and the paws in our house belong to Rosie, our fox red Labrador and Margot, the very chatty Cairn terrier.

June has arrived, and it saw Suzannah complete her dissertation and final exams of a three-year degree at Lancaster University.  My jockey is free to ride and breath after what seems to be a lot of years of studying.  I am sure all you parents and students alike will be breathing a sign of relief and taking some well-earned rest and relaxation before the next steps of life are taken.

Combining horses, competing and academia has certainly always kept the pressure on here, but the long-term gain and future career prospects will make the sacrifice worth it in the end.  As we all know horses are an expensive, but worthwhile pastime, which keep us on our toes but ensure we are disciplined and committed to their health and wellbeing.

I look forward to updating you all soon and hope you are enjoying meeting our team who are all #poweredbyhorslyx.


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