Assessing the amount of sugar in your horses feed is not always easy. It can be confusing looking at the percentage content of sugar and thinking that is the important bit, however without the feeding rate the percentage inclusion does not make much sense. Below we have a table to help you understand the sugar percentage in Horslyx compared to other feeds and how much sugar it actually contributes to your horse’s diet.

Sugar table:

Horslyx Cool Mix Low sugar Complete Fibre Feed Hay

33% sugar
Negligible starch

Average 8% sugar
Average 20% starch

Average 5% sugar
Average 3% starch

Average 10% sugar
Negligible starch

500kg horse fed 250g per day =
• 82.5g sugar and negligible starch per day

500kg horse fed 3kg a day =
• 240g sugar and 600g starch per day

500kg horse fed 2.5kg per day =
• 125g sugar and 75g starch per day

500kg horse fed 10kg (DM) a day =
• 1000g sugar and negligible starch per day

From the above table it can be seen that Horslyx has the highest percentage content of sugar at 33%, however it has the lowest feeding rate of 250g. This means that it would only contribute 82.5g of sugar to the diet of a 500kg horse. The low sugar complete fibre feed (such as recommended for laminitis prone equines) has a very low percentage sugar content of 5%, but when fed at the recommended rate of 2.5kg for a 500kg horse would contribute 125g of sugar to the diet. Both these products are designed to be fed little and often. Horslyx by licking occasionally throughout the day, and the low sugar complete fibre feed by several bucket feeds, and in this manner the sugar should be digested in the small intestine over a period of 24 hours as nature intended.

It is also important to consider the total intake of sugar in a 24 hour period, rather than just one particular part of the diet, remembering that horses can cope well with sugar when the intake is little and often, as when grazing or when accessing a lick throughout the day.

Comparison of sugar content in the daily diet of a 500kg horse


Daily intake Fresh Weight Daily intake Dry Weight Sugar Supply Sugar Tea Spoon / Bag Equivalent





2 bags





1 bag






How do Horslyx Balancers fit in?

Horslyx is often viewed as a high sugar product, but in reality when the recommended intakes are followed, it is relatively low in comparison to other feed products.

The recommended daily amount of a Horslyx Balancer for a 500kg horse, provides less sugar than 1kg of hay would!

Remember that Horslyx is a balancer designed specifically to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing. Horslyx Balancers plus forage results in a balanced diet which provides all the nutrients and sufficient energy for many horses and ponies.

For those horses which have a higher energy requirement than Horslyx Balancers plus forage, the licks can be used alongside cereal based feeds as a vitamin, mineral and trace element top up and a boredom breaker and to alleviate stable stress.

When introduced and fed correctly Horslyx Balancers offer a safe method of ensuring all horses and ponies, including those which are prone to laminitis or overweight, receives the necessary nutrients they require.