Despite some bad press, sugar is a vital nutrient in your horse’s diet… FACT!

Sugar is a natural part of the horse’s diet and horses are highly efficient at digesting it, in fact glucose – blood sugar – is vital as it is the only source of energy the brain can use.

Grass is the largest source of sugar in the horse’s diet and typically contains 20% sugar in the dry matter (DM). A typical 500kg horse will consume 50kg of fresh grass (approximately 10kg DM) in a single day, equating to around 2000g of sugar – that is 2 bags of sugar.

Horslyx is the equivalent of a human multi-vitamin tablet. We use molasses as a palatable carrier for the comprehensive vitamin, mineral and trace element package. When introduced correctly Horslyx offers a safe method of ensuring your laminitis prone, or overweight, equine receives the necessary nutrients he requires for maintaining optimum health and immunity.

If a 500kg horse is taking 250g of Horslyx in a 24 hr period = 82.5g sugar = 16.5 tsp sugar (remember, this intake is little and often unlike feeding a bucket of hard feed!).

In human terms this is equal to you taking the following in a 24hr period:

Your Weight Your Horslyx daily equivalent in g sugar Your Horslyx daily equivalent in tsp sugar
100kg (15st 11lb) 16.5g 3 ½ tsp
50kg (7st 12lb) 8.25g 1 ½ tsp

Naturally occurring sugar in your diet:

1 x 200ml glass of orange juice = 20g sugar = 4 tsp

1 eating apple = 15g sugar = 3 tsp

Did you know?

The rate of consumption is key to effective digestion. When offered free access to Horslyx a horse is less likely to experience sugar peaks than when eating manger fed cubes/mixes.

Why you can’t rely on grazing and forage alone?

Today’s grazing is a far cry from the nutrient rich pasture our horses’ ancestors consumed. Grass, hay and haylage can be lacking in many essential nutrients that are vital to maintain optimum health in your equine.

Horslyx Grazing Chart English

For an exact calculation of the levels of minerals and trace elements in your horse’s forage we recommend getting your grazing, hay or haylage professionally analysed.

Did you know?

Every Horslyx product contains biotin, methionine and chelated zinc for healthy hoof growth.

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