If you aren’t quite ready to be charging around the Grand National or attempting the jumps at Badminton, but quite enjoy hacking around the countryside and the odd bit of schooling with your horse then you most likely fit into this category. For those horses at rest or in light work Horslyx Balancer’s can provide the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to complement a forage based diet.

Most horses and ponies can receive the required amount of energy from forage alone, however with much of our hay, haylage and grass being deficient in important vitamins, minerals and trace elements many horses will need an extra product to sufficiently top up their diet. Horslyx Balancers provide your equines diet with the necessary vitamins, mineral and nutrients in order to maintain correct muscle, a healthy coat, skin and hooves as well as their overall general wellbeing. Horslyx Balancers, fed at the recommended daily intake is the equivalent to a maintenance ration and extra energy and calories from bagged concentrate feeds are often unnecessary.

As Horslyx Balancers do not contain cereals it is suitable for horses and ponies that simply partake in more gentle and leisure work and therefore do not require high levels of calories and energy in daily life. Horslyx Balancers are perfect for those equines that become excitable or difficult when fed compound feed and it is ideal for older, retired equines that find chewing difficult. Horslyx Balancers are also low in starch. The easy to use lick is highly palatable supplying a comprehensive package of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a healthy hoof care package including Biotin, Zinc, and Methionine all presented in a palatable molasses based carrier.

Because Horslyx Balancers are offered in four different formulations; Original, Garlic, Respiratory and Mobility, you can feed your leisure horse the ingredients he needs to support any specific problems without the need for buckets of time consuming and expensive hard feed.

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