Richard Nichol – Foxhunter points winner

November is normally the month in our area when all the balls start, with the Eventers BSJA and Hunt Ball all creeping up on you. I attended the Area 14 BSJA ball where Cadillac was crowned Foxhunter champion points WINNER which was just fantastic with so many good local horses already engraved upon the lovely silver cup, it was more than a privilege to receive it! And to top it all off I received an extra credit for outstanding all round performance in the area which was just lovely to be recognised!

With a few competitions around this time things are still busy and I’ve ended up selling a couple of horses as well which at this time of year surprised me, but they’ve both ended up with fantastic homes but it was quite sad to see them go.

I’ve ended the month on my super star with a lovely canter on the beach at our favourite haunt near the horslyx factory on the west coast of Cumbria. Absolutely glorious! So lucky to live in such a lovely area !!