P MorganPeter Morgan spoke to a Horslyx representative at the RWAS in July 2009 and has since used Respiratory Horslyx on all seven of his Welsh Mountain Ponies who are living out 24/7. “We have found it especially helpful with one pony in particular, Polly, who has a palate defect. Initially we wanted to try it because of the extra ingredients, including menthol, to see if it would make any difference to her symptoms and help her gain weight and condition. Polly has since gained superb condition and weight and her symptoms of a runny nose and dry cough has most definitely improved over time. Because she is now with the group, all seven have access to the 15kg tub throughout the year. It has most definitely helped Polly, and our other ponies have most certainly benefited too. Their condition and coats improved within the first week of us buying the tub. Respiratory Horslyx has been cost effective as we now feed less due to the enhanced condition across all of them. We have been most impressed at how good it has kept in the extreme weather also. Our ponies are in tip top show condition. We are happy in the knowledge that our ponies are getting all the essential minerals in this superb product.”



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