N poveyNatalie Povey is a Grade 1b Paralympic Rider, having been born with Spina Bifida which affects the use of her lower limbs. She has only been involved with horses since first starting to ride at the age of fifteen when it was suggested by her physio, since then she has since been talent spotted at a British Para Dressage competition in 2006 and was invited to attend the selection trials for the World Class Para Equestrian Dressage Development Programme late in 2006 and was successful in being selected to join the programme in 2007.

“Back in 2003 I wouldn’t have dreamt that I would have achieved what I have today,” Natalie says. “Without my horses I would truly be lost, riding gives me the freedom that my disability can sometimes restrict as the horse moves for me. I want to complement you on how much of a difference Horslyx have made – in particular to my top competition horse – as she has been on box rest since April and although she is back in work aiming to compete nationally and internationally next year she isn’t allowed turnout yet due to the risk of injury. She very often suffers from a dust related cough and since she hasn’t been allowed any turnout your Respiratory Horslyx has been a life saver keeping her occupied as well as helping to keep her airways clear, she also loves the other flavours too! Both of my horses love Horslyx, and they keep them amused for hours, I find they help a great deal with the horses natural instinct to trickle feed as when stabled they can trickle feed using the lick once they have eaten their hay, as well as providing the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With my younger horse I have also used them when he has been a little nervous about something as a distraction aid especially when I first trimmed his fetlocks.”


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