J ValeMarco is a 7 year old 17hh Friesian gelding. Jade has owned him since he was just an 8 month old colt. “We compete in affilliated British Dressage up to and including elementary level,” she tells us. “I am an Instructor at the BHS Rycroft School of Equitation in Hampshire. It’s a very busy yard. I use the 5kg Respiratory Horslyx for Marco as he is stabled a lot of the time so I want to make sure I am using something which will help support a healthy respiratory system whilst he’s stabled and for when he’s working hard in preparation for competitions. It also helps to keep him occupied & prevents boredom. It helps balance any deficiences in his forage and grazing. He is on a surprisingly small amount of feed considering how much work he does – basically ad lib hay plus sugarbeet, chaff & succulents – but he maintains his energy, fitness and condition really well on it. I feel it is far better not to overload a horse with huge amounts of un-neccessary hard feed if you can provide all the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy in other ways. If I had to sum Horslyx up in just five words…’To be specific – it’s terrific!'”


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