Carolyne_Cherlton-t“Grace is a 10 year old ex-racer. She managed to catch her front offside leg on some fencing and had a deep wound between the bulb of her heel and the pastern. Luckily her tendon sheath hadn’t been severed and it was just a matter of cleaning up the wound and stitching flaps of skin back together! She went off her food for a few days as a result of having so much sedative in her system – she lost weight dramatically and we went out to buy some treats to cheer her up – we bought some “likits” in assorted flavours which she turned her nose up at. Then we found that our local tack shop sold Mini Horslyx. We tried the Original Mini Horslyx first and her reaction to it was overwhelming. She just cannot get her tongue out fast enough – her eyes go glassy and she’s really “away with the fairies”. Then we bought her Garlic Horslyx – because it helps keeps the flies away! For Christmas I bought her the 5 kg Original tub – along with the holder. I think your products are absolutely marvellous and I’ve converted several other owners in our livery yard. When she had to be sedated to have dressings changed we found that instead of a couple of jabs of sedative (one was never enough) she stood quiet as a lamb totally engrossed in the Mini Horslyx.”


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