I’ve had an incredibly exciting month. Tiger and I have found out that we’ve been selected to represent Great Britain at the CPEDI 2*! I’m so excited and it’s not that far away now. We head to Bishop Burton on the 23rd July and I start competing on the Wednesday.

Tiger and I have been practicing hard. I’ve got the freestyle floor plan written with my mum and Claire my coach. We sat on my birthday evening and decided on the music, which I think is the best thing to do on a birthday.

I am also trying to get out on as many hacks with Tiger as possible. I go with Kiri and her horse George and Izzy and her horse Polly. Polly shares a field (and a Horslyx!) with Tiger. George lives in the field next door.I’ve been working hard at boxing too, working on my fitness and core strength. It’s making a huge difference to my flexibility and balance already.

This week Katie from Clipping, Trimming and Plaiting Services Cheshire came to tidy Tiger up ready for her big competition. She had her beard, her mane, her legs, ears and tail sorted and she looks so smart. Tiger really liked Katie and did a lot of snuggling. She isn’t as keen on her mane being pulled but she was a very good girl once her Mini Mint Horslyx was cracked open!

With all this hot weather and the poor quality grass in the fields, I have been so grateful for the Horslyx Balancers. To know that Tiger is getting all the right nutrients makes a huge difference to my peace of mind, although lugging gallons of water a day down to the field is improving my fitness almost as much as the boxing and hacking!



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