I can’t believe that it is Mid-March already and I am sat here at the kitchen island with only two days before I am scheduled to run at my first event of the 2019 season, it only seems like yesterday that I was sat at the Christmas Dinner Table. But as I sit here I am also watching the leaves be whirled around by the winds that Storm Gareth has brought along and the rain is lashing against the window, so will my event be on at the weekend? Who knows!!! I am not usually so keen to get out eventing in March but after we were totally spoilt in February with two beautiful weeks of weather and I was able to harrow and roll all my fields, I decided to bite the bullet and make an entry because I would only be kicking myself if the weather had remained nice and everybody else was off out eventing. As it happens the weather has been very typically British and I’m wondering if battling with the new British Eventing website to get a last minute entry before the ballot date was actually worth it.

When I received the news that I was to remain on the Horslyx Ambassador Squad I was delighted as you can imagine and so were all the horses and Mr Pegs of course. That takes me into my 5th year as part of Team Horslyx and I can assure you those past 4 years have been quite the adventure. Just in case you are new to following the Horslyx Ambassadors, I am an amateur event rider who has a small string of horses who I play with a British Eventing, British Riding Club, and British Showjumping competitions along with a bit of showing along the way. And in between playing with ponies I drive lorries and work in the office for my husband’s marquee company and look after my toddler, aka HRH (Harriet) and two little doggie mascots, Betty Boo and Dolly Doo.

My string of horses comprises of Frankie, Percy, Florence, Elfie, Arrow, Nancy and Mr Pegs. Frankie is my ex eventer who competed upto Intermediate and International 2** eventing but is now 20 and plays with Working Hunter Showing. Percy is my 11 year old homebred eventer, who won his last event of the 2018 season, a BE Novice. Florence, half sister to Percy, evented to Novice, but had time out to have a baby and now plays at British Showjumping. Elfie I have owned for just over 3 years, he’s home produced and stepped up to BE100 last year. Arrow came here with Elfie as a yearling and is about to begin her eventing career this year, now she’s turned 5. Nancy is my homebred princess out of Florence and will be two in May and finally Mr Pegs is Nancy’s companion and my daughters first pony. He is knee height to a grass hopper but I think is fairly cute for a miniature Shetland, but does occasionally nibble!!

So far this year I have been busy getting the 5 I ride back into work. They all had long holidays at the end of last year to give us all a good break. We have managed to get out to a few little dressage and showjumping competitions and have been off cross country schooling etc… so we are pretty much ready to roll now, so if the Great British Weather System could please be nice to us it would be much appreciated!!!

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